Archbishop Atallah Hanna: Trump will go down in history as the worst U.S. president

Damascus, (ST) - Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of al-Quds [Jerusalem], Atallah Hanna, has said the current US president Donald Trump poses a threat to the world peace and values of tolerance, love and fraternity among peoples.

His remark was made during his comment on the US president’s planned recognition of the Syrian Golan Heights as ‘Israeli territory’.

“Trump’s remark on the Syrian Golan Heights is a new US hostile stance towards Arab nation and it could be added to the previous hostile measures adopted by the current US administration, particularly the move of US embassy to al-Quds and the recognition of al-Quds as a capital of Israel,” His Eminence said in a newsletter sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper.

The archbishop asserted that the fragile and tragic Arab situation during the past years is behind the advanced level of Trump’s audacity.

 “Trump‘s public audacity would not have been possible without the existence of those who normalize relations with Israel and some conspirators, who are part of the conspiracy against our Arab nation. They are directly conspiring against the Palestinian cause plus the friendly country Syria,” His Eminence said, referring to the fact that Trump’s recognition of al-Quds as a capital of Israel has not changed al-Quds status as an Arab-Palestinian city and the capital of Palestine as it was before Trump’s recognition.

“The US anti-Arab nation decisions, including the most recent one on the occupied Golan, clearly indicate that the current US administration- like the previous ones- is a partner in crimes being perpetrated against the Palestinian people and our friendly Arab countries,” the archbishop affirmed.

His Eminence asserted that the Golan will remain Arab and Syrian territory.

“It is time for Arabs to realize the America is their enemy… America has no friends as the friendship from the viewpoint of Washington is linked with looting Arab money and oil in order to serve US and colonial projects in the region,” the archbishop stated.

His Eminence raised the following question: who has authorized the US president to make remarks on the Golan and al-Quds?? He has no right to do that.

“The US president and his allies have no right to cancel the Syrian identity of the occupied Syrian Golan and the Palestinian people’s rights to determine the destiny of al-Quds city, which is a national and spiritual capital... Trump’s unjust and racist decisions are completely unacceptable,” the archbishop added.

His Eminence concluded by saying: “Trump will go down in history as the worst and the most racist US president... But this does not mean that the former US presidents were better… All US presidents are linked to evil Masons, racist Zionism and colonial interests in our region and elsewhere in our world.”


Basma Qaddour