Nasrallah: Syrian Army, Its Allies Are The Parties Which Defeated Daesh

BEIRUT, (ST)- Hizbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has stressed that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies including Hizbollah resistance movement are the parties which liberated the Syrian areas from the terrorism of Daesh, whereas, the United States is the party which created this terrorist organization in the region.

Speaking during a ceremony commemorating resistance “martyred leaders”, Nasrallah said that the most important battles against Daesh were launched by the Syrian army in cooperation with resistance and the allies.

"The Americans have blocked eliminating the extremist organization after the Syrian army had liberated the cities of al-Boukmal and Deir Ezzor and they prolonged its existence for extra 15 months,"  he said, pointing out that the Americans have delayed Daesh defeat and wanted the battle to last for long years.

 US President Donald Trump and the American officials have admitted that the American administration is the one which created Daesh terror organization in Iraq and later it expanded to Syria.   

"Remarks by senior US generals revealed that the American administration under President Barack Obama created Daesh and called for supporting it and opening the borders for it," Nasrallah added.

“I just want to point to the US hypocrisy, as the biggest hypocrite of the world Donald Trump will come out to claim victory over Daesh even though the US did not have anything to do with the battle against ISIS and even though Trump himself and other US officials have announced that the American administration is the one which created Daesh," Hizbollah Secretary General said.

He stressed that the takfiris, the Saudi-UAE alliance, the Bahraini regime, Daesh supporters and all who seek normalization with "Israel" are all no more than tools in the American scheme.

He reiterated that the resistance is strong in the face of the Zionist enemy and the “secret of the resistance lies in its faith and spirit not weapons and financial capacities. It lies in its readiness to defend and sacrifice and this spirit could never be defeated,” yet, he added “it keeps on its humbleness with people, specifically the oppressed ones, but it behaves differently with the thieves.”

According to al-Manar TV website, Nasrallah reiterated that Israel is aware of Hezbollah’s power and this enough deters it from any attack, indicating that the Israeli entity is aware, according to its own officials, that the Israeli army, specifically its ground force, is incapable of engaging in a war now.

“They don’t trust their army, but we trust our resistance. They are certain that the resistance can enter the Galilee but they are uncertain that their army is capable of entering Lebanon, and this is a great transformation. The concern today is in the Israeli settlements not in the south. This is the deterrence equation and it is of great importance,” he said.

On Warsaw Summit, Nasrallah said that the conference was fragile and it sought normalizing ties with the Israeli enemy and fighting Iran as well as resistance movements in the region.

"The real propose out of it was normalization and bringing out the secret Gulf ties with Israel to Public. Oman and the Emirate’s ties with Israel have been evident in the past but the Saudi ones are newly publicized,” Nasrallah made it clear.


 Hamda Mustafa