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Zarif Fires Back at Trump’s anti-Iran “40 Years of Failure” Tweet

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif minces no words while listing the United States’ failures over the past 40 years after US President Donald Trump shares his perception of Iran’s performance during the same period, Press TV reported.

“40 Years of Failure to accept that Iranians will never return to submission. 40 Years of Failure to adjust US policy to reality. 40 Years of Failure to destabilize Iran through blood & treasure,” Zarif tweeted on Tuesday.

“After 40 yrs of wrong choices, time for Donald Trump to rethink failed US policy,” he added.

 A day earlier, Trump used the 40th anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, which was celebrated by millions of Iranians all across the country, as the subject of a fiery tweet posted in Persian, but also featuring an English-language text-over-image translation.

According to Press TV, Trump alleged that the Islamic Republic had, over the four decades that had followed the victory, not brought about anything but “corruption, repression and terror.” Trump concluded that Tehran had “produced only failure” ever since.

Trump made opposition to Iran a regular feature of his rhetoric in 2016, when he launched his election campaign.

Back then, he promised to pull the US out of a multilateral nuclear deal between Iran and world countries. He acted on the pledge last May, although the deal has been ratified in the form of a UN Security Council resolution. Later, the US reinstated the nuclear-related sanctions that had been lifted by the accord.

Iran has stayed committed to the deal, despite the US’s pullout. Washington’s unilateral move has been censured by the United Nations and the European Union as well as the remaining signatories to the deal -- the UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany -- which have vowed to likewise stay in the agreement and secure Tehran’s interests that result from it.

Trump has also been continually accusing Iran of regional interference. Tehran vocally rejects the allegation, while reminding Washington that many parts of the world have plunged into a state of perennial chaos due to the US’s interference and military invasions.