Syria, Iraq, Russia, Iran Review Achievements of Counterterrorism Process

BAGHDAD, (ST)- Delegations from Syria, Iraq, Russia and Iran participating in the Quadripartite Information Exchange and Coordination Center on Saturday discussed achievements  realized in the counterterrorism process which led to major defeats of terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.

During the Center's Fourth Annual Conference in Baghdad, the delegations affirmed the need to enhance the work of the center which has become a key element in the war on terror.

 Maj. Gen. Saad al-Allaq, Director of the Iraqi Military Intelligence and Head of the Center, said that holding the conference, which coincides with the first anniversary of Iraq's victory over Daesh terrorist gangs, aimed at preparing for the conference of the Chiefs of Staff of the armies of the four countries. The date of the conference will be fixed later, according to Allaq.

On his part, Brigadier General, Hassan Tarraf, head of the National Syrian Group at the Center, asserted the important role played by the center in the fight against terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

Tarraf told SANA reporter in Baghdad that "exchanging information between the four countries, particularly between Syria and Iraq has played a key role in defeating terrorism in the two countries".

 He affirmed the keenness of participating countries on upgrading the center's performance as to face the terrorist challenges hitting the region and the world in general.

Hamda Mustafa