End of Yemeni War Historic Responsibility of World Today, Says Qasemi

Spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry noting that the Islamic Republic of Iran was deeply concerned about the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen said the end of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is a historic responsibility for the world today.

In response to recent developments in Yemen and the deterioration of conditions in the country, Bahram Qasemi added, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran is deeply concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Yemen and the developments of the recent days in the port of Al-Hudaydah and invaders disregard to the warnings and concerns of the international community has been the cause of such a critical and inhumane situation which with the justifications rooted in the baseless illusions and excuses, for about four years, the country and the innocent people have been exposed to attacks and bombing of fighter jets.”

 He pointed out that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always wanted since the invasion of Yemen and given the current conditions, in addition to the political and legal responsibilities of states and international organizations and institutions, all have a moral responsibility to show serious will and take practical measures to end the aggression.

Expressing regret over delay in the resumption of Yemeni-Yemeni talks, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, 'The experience of recent years has shown that every time the international community's efforts was close to be realized to start the Yemeni-Yemeni talks, at the Saudi coalition has stood in the direction of this dialogue and prevented it through intensification of its aggression on Yemen.'