Daesh Terrorists Steal Chlorine Tanks After Killing Several White Helmets Activists and Militants

According to the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, Daesh terrorists have attacked militants from Nusra Front and have seized at least two barrels with chlorine gas.

In a video posted online by the Russian Defense Ministry, a group of terrorists can be seen seizing canisters of chlorine from rival terrorists and moving them to the south of Syria’s Aleppo province, Sputnik reported.

 “Late on October 9, a group of Daesh-linked terrorists attacked the headquarters of Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham terrorist organization (formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra) near Al-Latmana village,” the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria says in captions attached to the video.

According to kp.ru website, the attackers took two barrels with chlorine after killing four militants and two members of the White Helmets organization.

 The barrels were taken to the south of Aleppo province and handed over to members of the so-called Harras Ad-Din terrorist group who are affiliated with Daesh, the report says.

Also shown in the video are a working tractor, a minivan and the terrorists.

Russian MoD: West responsible for terrorists’ obtaining toxic substances in Syria

According to The Syrian News Agency SANA, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Western states are responsible for obtaining poisonous substances by terrorist groups in Idleb due to their irresponsible acts and their support to the terrorist groups to stage a chemical attack in order to justify a foreign aggression on Syria.

Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria Lt. Gen. Vladimir Savchenko said in a statement on Wednesday that Western states are planning to use the groups affiliated to them in staging a chemical attack to accuse the Syrian governmental forces of it, and they ignore the complicated situation in the so-called “demilitarized zone” in Idleb.

The Russian official said that these acts are irresponsible and they allowed Daesh (ISIS) to obtain toxic substances.

Last month, the Russian Defense Ministry said that militants of the Tahrir al-Sham terror group had delivered containers with chlorine to the town of Basankul, in Syria’s Idlib province. The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation has repeatedly warned that terrorists in Syria were preparing to use chlorine-based poisons to stage a chemical attack and blame it on government troops.

The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation has stressed that the terrorists were helping prepare locations for the detonation of containers with poisonous substances for filming the staged chemical attacks.