New Meeting in Bahrain Enhances Normalization between "Israel" and Gulf Regimes

MANAMA, (ST)- An Israeli occupation delegation will take part in the meeting of the World Heritage Committee due to be held in Bahrain between June 24th and July 4th, according to a Bahraini official.

The new move affirms the growing development  of the Israeli entity's relations with the Gulf regimes.

Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced that the relation between "Israel"  and some Arab regimes are witnessing notable development. "It never came to my mind all my lifetime that I will witness such international relations and cooperation between Israel and Arab countries," he tweeted.

Muneer Boushnaqi, World Heritage Consultant at the Bahraini Culture and Antiquities Commission, said in a statement to "Gulf News" website that "an Israeli delegation will attend the meeting because it is an international meeting organized by UNESCO," noting that Bahrain is only hosting the meeting.

 Last December, a Bahraini delegation representing the so-called " This is Bahrain" association visited the occupation entity under orders of the King of Bahrain. The visit came within the framework of normalization steps between the Gulf states and "Israel".

In October 2017, UK "The Times" reported that some Gulf states adopted the first steps towards recognizing "Israel" through a call made by the Bahraini king to end Arab boycott of Israel.

Hamda Mustafa