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Forthcoming Sochi Meeting on crisis in Syria Culminates an Era of Victories in the Country

BEIRUT, (ST)- Russia’ Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin has stressed that the forthcoming Sochi meeting on Syria culminates an era of victories in Syria and constitutes a plan for the coming era, pointing out that with Damascus restoring sovereignty over the entire Syrian territories it is normal for the foreign forces to withdraw from the country.

In an interview with “al-Mayadeen” TV, Zasypkin reiterated that the plan set for eliminating terrorism and bringing the displaced Syrians back to their villages should be completed.

 “We are fighting terrorism in Syria side by side with Syria’s other allies including Iran and Hizbollah,” he said according to al-Mayadeen.

Zasypkin hailed Iran’s very positive role in the region, stressing that the Iranian presence in Syria is not a problem to Russia, because the Russian presence in Syria aims to eliminate terrorism not at have conflict with countries of the region.

  Concerning the American role in Syria, the Russian diplomat said with full liberation from terrorism in Syria nearing, the US claims about fighting terrorism have become flimsy.

He urged caution against any reaction by Washington, particularly after the latest meeting between presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin in Russia’s Sochi.

He pointed out that his country has a road map for solution in Syria, clarifying that reform in Syria is useful for the Syrian state and for the opposition which is participating in national dialogue.

Zasypkin accused the United States, France and Britain of manipulating the issue of chemical weapon use in Syria.

Hamda Mustafa