Lahoud : Syria will Emerge from War Victorious

Beirut, (ST) _Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud on Tuesday reviewed with  the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim developments in Lebanon and the region,  and the situation in Syria.

Following the meeting,  ambassador Abdul Karim said  "The meeting with President Lahoud was an opportunity to discuss developments. President Lahoud believes that what is happening in Syria is linked to the invasion of Iraq ,aggression against Lebanon in 2006 and targeting  the Palestinian cause and the States that embrace it , especially Syria."

Abdul Karim reiterated what was stated by Lahoud that  Syria  will emerge victorious from this war.

Abdul Karim stressed that the political solution is ultimately the inevitable result, thanks  to two years of Syria 's steadfastness , cohesion of its army , nationalism of her people  and after threats against the region are exposed.

Lahoud also discussed with President of the Arab Struggle Movement MP Faisal Daoud the general situation in Lebanon and the region.

"The policy of self-distancing  pursued by the Lebanese government is wrong, " al-Daoud said, adding  that : "everyone should realize that Lebanon will remain steadfast  and backbone of the fight against the Israeli enemy".


T. Fateh