Iraqi Parliament Speaker Urges Iran to Take Part in Iraq Reconstruction

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Jabouri on Sunday called for Iran’s contribution to his country’s reconstruction, IRNA reported.

He made the remarks in a ceremony celebrating 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution at Iran’s Embassy in Baghdad attended by Iraqi political and parliamentary officials and foreign diplomats.

He further hoped for further promotion of cooperation with Iran in the scientific and technological fields and Iran’s involvement in his country’s reconstruction.

 Political ties between the two countries have paved the way for boosting of economic ties over the past five years and average trade exchanges between the two nations is increasing day in day out, al-Jabouri said.

He also said that promoting bilateral trade relations is a source of pride and dignity.

Iraq’s friendly countries including Iran which played a crucial role in fighting terrorism are welcome and appreciable in the eyes of the Iraqi nation, he said, noting that given numerous commonalities between the two nations, bilateral ties are expected to further improve in all fields.

Iran-Iraq ties are historic and have religious and Islamic dimensions, he said, adding that despite ups and downs in relations, they have never been severed.

Al-Jabouri said that Iran has managed to maintain its independence and self-sufficiency over past years.