Ex-Turkish Deputy PM: Syrian Government Has Right to Fight, Eliminate All Terrorist Groups Operating in Syria

ANKARA, (ST)- Abdüllatif Şener, the ex-Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, has stressed that the Syrian government has the right to fight and eliminate all the terrorist groups operating in the Syrian territories.

"All armed groups in Syria are bloody terrorist groups that serve Israel interests," he said in a statement to the Turkish "KRT" TV yesterday evening, wondering what the Turkish state would do if there were armed groups that occupied cities in Turkey as they did in Syria.

 "Some say that only Jabhat al-Nusra and Daesh are terrorist organizations while the rest of armed groups are moderate groups. But, I say that all these armed  groups, including the so-called Free Army, are terrorist and they comprise thousands of killers who perpetrated horrible crimes against women and children and who destroyed Syrian cities," Şener went on to say.

"It is impudent to describe some terrorists as jihadists, because all know that these [Jihadists] have allied themselves to Israel as the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria had allied itself to Imperialist states in the past to get help to hold power in their countries even if  this matter would lead to the destruction of their countries," he clarified.

Şener criticized the role played by the Turkish regime's authorities in arming and training terrorists and sending them to Syria and the role played by the "imperialist countries along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in transferring hundreds of thousands of foreign terrorists to Syria across the Turkish borders."

He voiced concern over the internal policies of President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan who has undermined all democratic freedoms after he had established control over all the state's bodies including the judiciary.

Hamda Mustafa