Some Region's Countries Spent 130 Billion USD to Destroy Syria, Libya, Yemen

ALGIERS, (ST)-Algeria’s Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia has underscored that some countries in the region spent some 130 billion USD with the purpose of destroying Syria, Libya and Yemen.

Algerian media quoted Ouyahia as saying in a statement during the Algerian local elections campaign that" the situation of Algeria would have been worse if we hadn't got rid of the problems and survived the disaster called "Arab Spring".

He reiterated the importance of adopting the course of national reconciliation and economic reforms.

 Algeria has repeatedly stressed , through Algerian officials, its rejection to any form of interference in the internal affairs of other countries and its opposition to any foreign solutions imposed on the region. Algiers also announced its support for Syria in the confrontation of terrorism.

Hamda Mustafa