Sayyed Nasrallah to ISIL: Lebanese, Syrians Will Attack You from All Sides

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah warned ISIL from a decisive defeat in the new offensive that would be launched by the Lebanese army in northeast Lebanon, announcing that Hezbollah will participate in the battle alongside the Syrian army in the Syrian side of the borders.

In a televised speech, According to Al-Manar Website, on the aftermath of Arsal offensive on Friday, Sayyed Nasrallah pointed that the Lebanese army will liberate areas occupied by ISIL in northeast Lebanon and said Hezbollah was ready to aid the Lebanese army in its battle on the Lebanese front. “It’s clear now that the Lebanese army is the one who will liberate the areas of Ras Baalbek and Al-Qaa,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that Hezbollah would be in the service of the Lebanese army and will help in this battle.

 "ISIL controls a large area, some of it from Lebanese and other from Syria. The total area is approximately 296 square kilometers, 141 square kilometers in Lebanon and 155 square kilometers in Syria. The borders are drawn, and there is no problem with demarcation. The geography is similar to that of Arsal and Flita,” His eminence said.

"Before we started the Arsal offensive, we coordinated with the Syrian leadership to end the armed presence of ISIL and Nusra this summer. Lebanon took a decision that the army would do this task, and this was good. The Lebanese army is able to accomplish this mission and any call for an American assistance is an insult to the military institution,” Sayyed Nasrallah indicated, adding that the problem was not with the Lebanese army but with the political decision. “We are hopeful that the presence of the Lebanese President Michel Aoun will help in the war against terrorist groups.”

 “If this decision is taken, it means that we are going to the battle, and according to this battle the army will fight in the Lebanese territory. I declare tonight that we, in Hezbollah, are at the service of the Lebanese army. ISIL will gather all its forces to fight the Lebanese army, and we must be aware that it may use suicide bombers. The front will be one and the timing is in the hands of the Lebanese army,” Hezbollah S.G. said.

Battle with ISIL Imminent, Soon

"ISIL shall know that this battle is imminent and soon, maybe few days from now,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, warning that ISIL will face a battle backed by national consensus for the first time, which is a “miracle”. “I tell you that the Lebanese and Syrians will engulf you from all sides and you won’t steadfast. You’ll definitely lose this battle, so think thoroughly unlike what Nusra did. The door of negotiations is still open.”

"The field is ready and the outcome is crucial. Lebanon and Syria are before a new victory,” His eminence pledged.

On Arsal victory, Sayyed Nasrallah first congratulated the captives families on the safe return of their sons and condoled the families of the martyrs whose blood led to that achievement. He also hailed the remarkable and strenuous efforts of Major General Abbas Ibrahim. His eminence also thanked people of al-Qaa who embraced and welcomed the freed. “It is my duty to reassure the rest of the families that we are closely and honestly following up on the issue of the bodies that are still with the militants, the ISIL-held captives and the rest of the missing fighters. I’m personally following up on the file.”

"We shall appreciate and laud the important role of the Syrian army whose efforts facilitates the victory in Arsal outskirts,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that media was unfair when it came to sacrifices by the Syrian army which we must appreciate. It is our ethical duty to thank President Assad, the Syrian leadership, the Syrian red crescent and anyone who exerted efforts on the ground to return our captives, he said. “The Syrian leadership played a positive role in the swap deal despite the heavy burden it shouldered due to this deal,” he added.

Sayyed Nasrallah lauded efforts exerted by Speaker Nabih Berri who adopted Arsal operation since its first beginning and followed up all its details and highly defended it. His eminence underlined that President Michel Aoun had offered the necessary facilitation to ensure the success of the negotiations, “This is a brave president who has said that this is a victory for Lebanon.”

The S.G. thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for the aid and support it gave to the Resistance in its war on terrorism.

His eminence called on Lebanese politicians to draw lessons from these negotiations. “This operation led to the transfer of hundreds of militants and thousands of families without international efforts. The guarantors on the ground were the Lebanese General Security and the Syrian regime.”  He urged that this victory should be completed by continuing the work on the refugees file, announcing that Hezbollah have started to follow up this file with the Syrian government.

In the meantime, Sayyed Nasrallah said Nusra has ceased to exist in Arsal outskirts after its defeat there, announcing that Hezbollah was ready to hand over the outskirts to the Lebanese army whenever the army decides that.

On an alleged Hezbollah cell in Kuwait dubbed as Al-Abdali cell, Sayyed Nasrallah described the claims as baseless saying: We are not afraid to say the truth, Hezbollah doesn’t have any arms or cells in Kuwait. We are keen on the best relations with Kuwait and we don’t want any issue to ruin these relations and we acknowledge Kuwait’s support for Lebanon and its assistance in the wake of the July War. We are ready to discuss any ambiguity through the diplomatic channels.”


Hamda Mustafa/ Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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