Patriarch Rahi's Easter Message: Stop Terrorist War on Syria

BEIRUT, (ST)- The Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bshara Butros al-Rahi renewed his call for stopping the terrorist war on Syria and on some countries in the region including Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Yemen and Libya. He also urged putting an end to terrorism funding.

 Al-Rahi, in his Easter Message on Saturday, said "we call on the international community to adopt deterring action against the countries which cover takfiri movements and terrorist organizations and which provide arms and financial support for terrorism to serve their own sinister interests."

 "We all condemn all types of war, oppression and aggression", because they are unjustified and are a shame on the international community, al-Rahi added, urging laying the bases for establishing a just and lasting peace in the region and for ending the suffering of the victims of wars.

Patriarch Lahham Urge Attaining Peace in Arab Region

Meantime, Patriarch of Antioch and All East for Melkite Greek Catholics Gregory III Lahham called for attaining peace in the Arab Mashrek, particularly in Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

In his Easter message on Saturday, Lahham said "we urge all to stick to hope and optimism, especially in the light of the horrible scenes  of death, violence, blasts, terrorism, killing and body burning".

"Let's believe in life again and let's work to help life triumph over death and to replace hatred with amity and replace revenge with forgiveness and reconciliation,"  the patriarch added.

Hamda Mustafa