Turkish Party Condemns air strikes on Syria

The Vice president of the Workers  Party in Turkey, Laseen Ihsanoglu, condemned the recent Israeli bombing against a military scientific research center in Jamrayya, close to the capital.

The political leader assured the attack shows the close ties and cooperation between Israel and Turkey, whose government, the Justice and Development Party of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Racep, arms and funds opposition groups seeking to overthrow the Syrian government, he remarked.

In an article in the Bakic Olossal Turkish site, which echoed this Saturday the Syrian state televison, Ihsanoglu explained that Tel Aviv and Ankara are allies and that the Israeli aggression revealed this secret alliance.

According to the Turkish party leader, the aggression of January 30, which killed two people and injured five others, cannot be justified in any way or be seen as a transitional border incident.

Ihsanoglu argued that the bombing was the result of the everyday control of the Syrian Arab Army on the country and the failure of the terrorists backed by the government of Erdogan, emphasized the source.