Ahmadinejad unveils Iran’s new low-flyer fighter jet Qaher 313

In the anniversary of Iran's 1979 Revolution, Iranian president unveils indigenous Qaher 313 (Conquer) fighter jet, developed by Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics.

Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, congratulated the great achievement of Iran, saying that “this is the major breakthrough towards the fulfillment of the Supreme Leader’s insights,” and added “all design and production process of Qaher (Conquer) 313 indigenous fighter jet has been done by Iranian Aerial Defense Industries Organization and their professional scientists,"according to MNA..

In describing the physical characteristics of the Qaher 313, Vahidi said; “this is an advance fighter jet, with enhanced profile and a very small Radar cross section (RCS) and fly-by in low altitude is the most important feature of this fighter.” He also pointed to the need for short runway for taking off and landing of Qaher 313 fighter as another feature.

Brig. Gen. Vahidi outlined the use of advanced materials in aircraft construction and using advance avionics in the Qaher 313 fighter jet cockpit.

Defense Minister also stressed on the payload capabilities and ability to carry the latest indigenous advanced armaments and said “Qaher 313 fighter jet is outstanding symbol of ingenuity, creativity and courage of professional Iranians in Defense Ministry.”