Enemies of Syria endeavor to harm unity of Syrian people

Enemies of Syrian nation endeavor to harm unity of Syrian people, Supreme Leader's representative to Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Hojjatoleslam Ali Shirazi said on Saturday.

He told IRNA that the US pursues sinister goals in Syria.

''In Egypt and Libya, the US backed the puppet governments to thwart the people's aspirations  but in Syria they support terrorists and weaken the Syrian government.''

The US performance in Syria proves that the US politicians are against will of Syrian people but they seek to harm unity between people and government, he said.

He said that since the Syrian government backs Lebanese resistance front such as Hezbollah and Palestinian nation, the enemy tries to destroy Syria.

"If Syrian government  had reconciled with the Zionists, the US would support it,'' he said.

The US is currently supporting a group of brutal terrorists against Syrian people who never hesitate to kill defenseless people, Shirazi said.