Number of Displaced Syrians Returning from Lebanon Increased

BEIRUT,(ST)_ Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim said the number of displaced Syrians, as a result of  terrorism,   returning back to  Syria is  increasing, pointing out that Syria's  government and embassies are working to ensure the return of all displaced Syrians   to their homes.

 "I expressed to Minister Mansour thanks for the efforts made to follow up the issue of displaced persons and assured him that the number of returning Syrians  increases,"  added the ambassador  following his meeting with the Lebanese  Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Adnan Mansour on Friday  in Beirut.

He explained that the  formation of the ministerial committee in charge of implementing the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria , is an element of attraction for large number  of displaced Syrians to return to their homeland , noting that these steps indicate  growing denominators among  the Syrians as a prelude to an inter-Syrian dialogue.

"The International reading and the policy  of foreign countries, especially the U.S. administration showed that many  bets were placed  on the wrong direction, thanks to the solidarity between  the  Syrian social fabric, the Syrian army and institutions.", the ambassador emphasized.

T. Fateh