Iraq bomb: Many dead in Tuz Khurmato

At least 35 people have been killed by a suicide bomber in the Iraqi town of Tuz Khurmato, with scores more wounded, police say.

The blast targeted citizens  attending a funeral .

Tuz Khurmato lies 175km (110 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad.

Although violence has decreased since its height in 2006 and 2007

"The suicide bomber managed to enter and blow himself up in the middle of the mourners," Shallal Abdul, mayor of Tuz Khurmato, told the AFP news agency.

On Tuesday at least 17 people were killed and dozens more wounded by a series of car bombings in and around Baghdad.

The assassination of a senior lawmaker last week has further inflamed tension in the region, correspondents say.

In recent weeks, thousands of citizens have been holding mass protests in western Iraq against what they believe is discriminatory treatment by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government.

The frequent bombings and the political crisis have stoked fears among Iraqis of a return to civil war.