German Researcher Expects "ISIS" Will Come to an End Within the Coming Three Years

Vienna, (ST)-German researcher Harald Muller, member of the Peace Research Institute in Frankfurt,  Germany, has stressed that the regime of Recepe Tayyib Erdogan has been facilitating Deash (ISIS) black market trade and smuggling activities by allowing members of the terrorist organization to freely enter and leave the Syrian and Iraqi territories and to sell the stolen Syrian oil in the black market to buy sophisticated weapons.

 In a statement to the Austrian news agency, Muller said "Erdogan's regime didn't fight Daesh; rather it focused on targeting the Kurds in Turkey and at the Turkish borders, particularly the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

The German researcher pointed out that ISIS terrorist organization is no longer paying enough money to its fighters and their families, particularly after it has lost a major part of the financial sources it obtained from oil and antiquities sales, drug trade and other illegal activities, a matter that led to many defections among the organization's ranks, a SANA report said on Thursday.

According to Muller, some 20 thousand terrorists of those calling themselves "jihadists" have come from poor countries, including Caucasus, Chechnya, Bosnia and North Africa seeking money and with no religious or ideological goal.  

 Muller expected that ISIS will come to an end in the coming three years, but sleeper terrorist cells will continue to have activities for a longer time in different parts of the world, especially Europe.  

 "During the past few months ISIS lost the oil resources over which it had control after it was driven out of wide areas in Syria and Iraq and within the coming three years there will be no ISIS," Muller said.

He warned that ISIS will seek compensation for its loss through carrying out terrorist attacks in Europe and through strengthening its foreign network particularly in the European countries.

Hamda Mustafa