Dehqan: Enemies Driven to Desperation by Iran's Defense Software, Hardware Outputs

Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said on Tuesday that mass production of defense software and hardware will lead the enemies to desperationIRNA reported.

He made the remarks in his speech to the personnel of Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA) in Isfahan.

Dehqan said that the new year is very decisive and that the logistics of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran would take great strides to produce defense software and hardware.

'We should make use of all powers in politics, economy, defense, security and culture to thwart the enemies' threats,' he said.

Sanctions failed to prevent Iran's significant success and development in military fields, he said.

'We are proud of our own talents to meet the country's defense needs.'

Having good relations with the neighboring states mainly in the Arab Gulf region is among Iran's defense strategy, he said.

There exists huge potentials which should be used in good faith and in light of mutual trust to institutionalize sustainable security in the region and rescue it from menaces of terrorism, Dehqan said.