Access of Terrorists to Chemical Arms, Major Threat to international Peace

Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Tuesday that the current circumstance is very sensitive as the access of the terrorists to chemical weapons poses major threat to international peace and security.

Rafsanjani made the remarks in a meeting with retired IRGC personnel, members of Tehran city council, artists at theaters and cinemas, officials and laborers of Saipa company, writers, researchers, war veteran, disabled and families of the martyrs.

 Lack of employment opportunities, import of low-quality goods, and plundering of petro dollars in the past are very regrettable, he said.

During recent parliamentary elections, people proved their vigilance and maturity and the fact that they will never be deceived by the enemies media hype, he said.

Distortion of realities and censorship will back fire as the Iranian people throughout the history have proven that they are very vigilant to deal with a variety of situations, he said.

'If people social, political and cultural demands are met, the status of society at global level will take upward trend,' he said.

Daesh threatens London with terrorist attack

On the another hand, Daesh terrorist and Takfiri group in a video clip has warned London that it will be the next terrorist target and that the attack will be as deadly as Paris terrorist massacre.

British media report that the video clip shows graphic images which show the UK parliament building and the French Eiffel Tower collapsing.

The narrator of the video warns that yesterday Paris; tomorrow is the turn of London, Berlin or Rome.