Syria, Iraq Facing a Common Enemy

BAGHDAD, (ST)-Syria and Iraq have discussed ways to further enhance cooperation in fighting terrorism hitting both countries.

A meeting between Iraq's Defense Minister Khaled al-Obaidi and Syria's Ambassador in Baghdad Sadam Jadaan al-Dandah focused on the importance of continuous exchange of information about the terrorist organizations' moves and of coordinating  joint efforts as to eliminate terrorism and save the peoples of the two countries from the terrorists' evil and crimes.

 The Iraqi minister hailed the Syrian Arab army's victories over terrorism in Palmyra and other Syrian areas, stressing that Syria and Iraq are waging the same battle against a common enemy.

On his part, Ambassador al-Dandah praised the Iraqi army's gains in the Iraqi provinces of al-Anbar and Ninawa, pointing out that any victory over terrorism in Syria or Iraq is a victory  to both countries over terrorism gangs and enemies of humanity.

Hamda Mustafa