Terrorist Attacks in the World Inevitable Result of Wrong Western Policies- Larijani

TEHRAN, (ST)-Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday affirmed his country’s support for the legitimate governments in Syria and Iraq against terrorist organizations with the aim of pushing the evil of terrorism away from all Islamic countries.

Speaking in a Parliament public session, Larijani said “terrorist activities in the region and the world are the inevitable result of the policies adopted by leaders of the western countries and of some Arab and regional countries which sought using terrorism as a tool for implementing certain political agendas.

 The speaker noted that Iran had previously warned about the spread of terrorism and spared no effort in supporting anti-terror efforts.

Larijani condemned Saudi Arabia for the bombardment of innocent people in Yemen and hailed the third intifada in the occupied Palestinian lands for its honorable fight against the Zionist regime.

 The Iranian official criticized the West’s stance towards Iran’s missile power, saying certain western states make up excuses to prevent progress of Iran's missile capabilities, but their demands have no legal base.

He stressed that the ongoing peace and security of Iran is the result of the nation's solidarity in defense of revolution ideals and country's defensive and security capabilities.

Hamda Mustafa