Holding Parliamentary Elections in Syria Brave Step Reflecting State’s Strength- Egyptian Writer

CAIRO, (ST)- Egyptian writer Mohmmad al-Fawwal has stressed that Syria’s commitment to holding the People’s Assembly elections on April 13th has been a brave step reflecting the Syrian state’s strength and authority as well as its ability to organize the elections under a global terrorist war waged against the country by the Zionist-reactionary alliance.

In an article published by the Egyptian “Al Joumhouria” newspaper, al-Fawwal said Syria went ahead with the process of holding the elections in accordance with the constitution. It put no restrictions or conditions before any citizen or any party seeking candidacy to the parliamentary elections and the way was open to thousands of people from all national trends to enter the election race.”

 “We found that no terrorist from the those falsely called moderate opposition has abandoned his terrorist organization, laid his weapon down and nominated himself to entering a real open political competition like the elections,” said the Egyptian writer.

“This proves that such people believe neither in democracy and political process nor in a civil state…they are groups of mercenaries whose only obsession is to make money by killing and destruction,” al-Fawwal added.

He pointed out that “even the so-called oppositions from Doha, Istanbul and Riyadh have rejected the elections and opposed every political reform step taken by the Syrian government. These parties seek nothing but the downfall of the Syrian state.”

He clarified that Syria is facing war at different fronts; The Syrian Army is fighting terrorism across the country to eliminate terrorists, the Syrian people are also waging their political battle in making the parliamentary elections a success and the Syrian diplomatic delegation in Geneva is also working hard to uncover the false oppositions which grew terribly rich for playing the agent role.

Hamda Mustafa