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Tunisian protestors deplore recognition of 'Doha coalition'

TUNISIA,(ST)_ More than one hundred Tunisian citizens have protested against their government's recognition of  the Syrian opposition's  "Doha coalition".

The protestors, on Saturday, gathered in Habib Bourguiba Street in Tunis' capital, waved Syria's flags and raised banners slamming conspiracy hatched against Syria.

They chanted slogans supporting the Syria's steadfastness in confronting aggression against it, stressing the conspiracy seeks to destroy resistance and brings the Arab peoples to their knees.

For more than two hours, the protestors shouted slogans hailing Syria and its leadership, deploring attitudes of the west, Turkish PM RecepTayyibErdogan and Emir of Qatar against Syria, which is the last fortress in front of the Israeli enemy.

The Tunisian activist, Naela Rahim, who organised the protest, told SANA reporter: "the Tunisian citizens, who responded to the call for taking part in the protest, have denounced the Tunisian government's stance towards Syria since the beginning of the events."

She added the protest aims at backing Syrian leadership, the Syrian Arab Army, and the people of Syria.

"The Arab region, as a whole, is witnessing a well-hatched conspiracy to destroy our countries to protect Israel's security and enhance west interests in the region and the world as well," the activists said.