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Two Camps in Lebanon for Training Terrorists fighting in Syria: Minister

BEIRUT,(ST)- Lebanese Minister of the Interior Marwan Sharbel disclosed information on the existence of two camps for training  armed terrorist groups for the ( Syrian Opposition) in a remote area in Lebanon .

In a statement to the Lebanese daily As-Safir issued on  Friday , the Lebanese minister expressed fears that what is happening in Syria will take place in Lebanon, since the Lebanese internal arena  is stuffed with all inflammabilities  that are explosive at any time.

"Israel is the major beneficiary  of this partitioned project of the area because it assumes that the existence of ( sectarian  state lets  and islands) around it is a  guarantee for it to exist,"  describing what is happening in the Arab world now as "an Israeli Spring, rather than  an Arab Spring."

He noted  the decision  taken by the Jordanian and Turkish governments to prevent the entry of displaced Palestinians to their territories  and to keep this file confined to Lebanon and warned of the security implications of the  file of the displaced ,  indicating that the rate of murder, robbery and kidnapping crimes  increased  by 50 to 60 percent .

T. Fateh