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Erdogan's Government Supports Terrorism in Syria

ANKARA,(ST) - Vice- President of the Turkish workers Party, Bulent  Assen Oglu, has confirmed that the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports terrorism in Syria and intervenes in the internal affairs of Syria in implementation to the lords of war and the colonial powers in the world.

In an article published yesterday on the Turkish Olossal Bakic site, Assen Oglu, denounced Erdogan's visit to the so-called refugee camp established by the government on the border with Syria, stressing that Erdogan and his government handed Turkey's capabilities to the war lords.
He also pointed out to the compliance of Erdogan's  government to the plans of dividing Turkey and the region, noting that his government  is training experts in the field of trade and services to meet the demands of the market and facilitate the process of exploiting the war lords to Turkey and its resources.
In an article published by the Turkish Enichag newspaper the turkish writer, Arslan Bulut, clarified that all steps carried out by the Erdogan government are in favor of the application of the U.S. plan to divide the region, led by Turkey, indicating that the Erdogan government proceeded to liquidate the leaders of the Turkish army across fabricated and false issues in application of this American plan.