Lebanese Speaker, Syrian Ambassador discuss recent development in the region

BEIRUT,(ST)_The Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and the Syrian Ambassador in Beirut Ali Abdel-Krim have discussed the latest developments in the region.

The talks dealt with what is going on in the United Nations General Assembly and the US and Russian stances as well as the European shifts, Abdel-Karim said following the meeting.

He added that Berri described what is going on in the region as an investment for the Syrian people and army's steadfastness.

The Syrian Ambassador commented on the Gulf states' stances towards Syria by saying that the stances of these states have been uncovered and we wish recovery to them because we are keen on the peoples of these states.

He added that the foolish policies of Raccep Tayyip Erdogan and the Gulf states that financed terrorism –unfortunately- with US and European patronage are behind the cause of Syrian immigrants.

Basma Qaddour