Turkey Detains Nearly 500 Syrian Refugees


Turkish security forces have detained nearly 500 Syrian people who were trying to enter Turkey, the country's army says, according to Press T.V.

As many as “488 people were detained by the land forces command border units while trying to cross into Turkey from Syria,” Turkey’s army said in a statement which was published on its website on Sunday.


The Turkish government has been one of the main supporters of the terrorist groups fighting against Syrians and Syrian Government,with reports showing that Ankara actively trains and arms the terrorists and militants operating in Syria, and also facilitates the safe passage of terrorists into the country.

On June 12, Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman also revealed that Ankara allows ISIL terrorists to freely walk in the streets of the Akcakale border district in Sanliurfa.

The Turkish army added in the Sunday statement that it had arrested 26 others “while attempting to cross into Syria from Turkey.”

The Turkish government not only blocks the entry of Syrian refugees, but also prevents the Syrians from returning back to their homeland.

On June 18, Turkey prevented Syrian refugees from returning to their hometown of Tal Abyad, in the northern part of Syria.