Sayyed Nasrallah on Quneitra Attack

 Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Secretary General has outlined in his landmark speech honoring the martyrs on Quneitra soil the following points as published by al-manar website:

  • My message today, from now on, any member of Hezbollah who is killed, we will hold Israel responsible for it and will respond in the way that we decide
  • After the Quneitra operation and the Shebaa response, I announce that I don't care about the rules of engagement anymore.
  • I thank and greet the resistance mujahedeen and leaders, specifically those who carried out the operation and I kiss their hands and foreheads.
  • The difference is that Israel fights from behind a shield and from the back while our men, because they are real men, they fight face to face.
  • We responded at 11:25 after their attack was at 11:30, we responded with two cars and some extras in return for two cars, rockets in return for rockets.
  • The operation took off and ended and Israel did not have a clue about what was happening yet. This is a message to the friends before the enemy.
  • Since the first moment we were certain about revenge, we did not have a doubt about it not even 0.01%. Israel had to be punished and this was worth sacrifice.
  • Israel must know that it cannot kill people and go to sleep peacefully as if what it killed were only bugs!
  • Neither Iran not Syria tried to stop us from responding as some analysts claimed, because none of our friends accept that we get humiliated or get killed and just sit and watch.
  • One of the first achievements of these martyrs is that Israel has been on alert and fear from Sunday until Wednesday, just awaiting the response of Hezbollah
  • On the humanitarian level, we are in pain for this loss, but on the other hand, we regard this calamity as a blessing and the Israeli must know that this is how we think
  • How come Israel is not worried about the presence of this terrorist organization in Golan? It even aids it and Netanyahu pays visits to their injured ones
  • Israel feared the presence of some Hezbollah fighters in Golan but is content with the presence of the Syrian version of Al-Qaeda and all its military arsenal in that same region.
  • Israel did not instantly claim responsibility of the attack and it might have thought that Hezbollah will not announce about it because it already has martyrs falling in Syria, but the enemy was shocked when Hezbollah announced about  
  • On Sunday before noon Israeli aircrafts targeted two civil cars carrying seven brothers which led to their instant martyrdom while they were in an inspection tour in Quneitra, and this decision was taken in the special prime ministry.
  • Israel thinks it can threaten and assault anyone it wants and no one can stop it
  • Our region has been suffering at least since 1948 from a cancer called "Israel", a cancerous cell a terrorist state, and a corruption germ... It has always been like this.
  • These martyrs prove to everyone that, unlike what some satellite try to state, our mujahedeen are still on the borders and will stay on the borders because nothing in this world can stand between them and what they love.
  • Heroes like these who were martyred tell Netanyahu when he threatens them what Imam Hussein said "Do you threaten us with death? Well, death for us is a norm and Allah honors us with martyrdom."
  • Sayyed Nasrallah addresses the martyrs We envy you for what you got, and we ask Allah to grant us this gift one day. We envy you because you left this world with all its concerns
  • Sayyed Nasrallah sends gratitude to everyone who stood in solidarity with Hezbollah after this crime especially in Syria and Palestine
  • Sayyed Nasrallah addresses the families of the martyrs and congratulates them for the elevation of their sons from this materialistic life to the real life.

Sayyed Nasrallah: No More "Rules of Engagement" in Conflict with Israel

 In an exclusive report by Sara Taha Moughnieh, al-manar website published English translation of the main points raised by His Eminence, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah:

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah announced Friday that after the Quneitra operation Hezbollah was no longer concerned with the so-called "rules of engagement" with the Israeli enemy in any coming battle or assault, and clarified that the resistance will be responding to any violation in the time and place that it chose.

Hezbollah Secretary General put new rules for the confrontation with the Zionist enemy in a statement he delivered during a ceremony in honor of the brave martyrs who were killed in Quneitra Sunday, after he reassured that "the resistance in Lebanon is in its full preparation and readiness".

His eminence addressed the families of the martyrs, offering them his condolences and congratulating them for this high rank that their beloved ones had reached. He further thanked all those who stood in solidarity with Hezbollah and offered their condolences especially in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan, and all around the Arab and Islamic world.

Remembering the Quneitra martyrs, Sayyed Nasrallah expressed his compassion and sincere love for them, stating: "We congratulate and envy you and pray for God that He gives us this honor someday... You have left behind this world and its concerns and moved to the world of true happiness..."

"This group of martyrs is consisted of three generations, and with the martyrdom of General Dadi and Abu Issa, We can see that the leaders are always present with the soldiers, and this is the secret of the resistance. This group of martyrs which consists of sons and relatives of martyrs tell the enemy when it threatens them: Do you threaten me with death? well, death for us is a norm and Allah honors us with martyrdom."

"These families carry this ideology and the mixture of this Lebanese blood with the Iranian blood on the Syrian territories symbolizes the common cause, destiny, and battle which brings us victory..." Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, pointing out that "Quneitra martyrs prove to the world that the mujahedeen of Hezbollah, unlike what some satellites try to say, are still on the borders and will stay on the front lines because nothing in this world can stand between them and what they love."

His eminence indicated that "our region has been suffering at least since 1948 from a cancer called "Israel", a cancerous cell, a terrorist state, and a corruption germ... It has always been like that, but in the past couple of years it returned to its old method and added to its corruption and arrogance... as it still threatens, occupies, destroys, and assassinates... Israel today thinks it can do all that without anyone stopping it," and denounced the absence of the so-called "Arab League" considering that it had not played any useful role ever.

Explaining the Quneitra operation, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that "on Sunday, Israeli aircrafts targeted two vehicles carrying seven brothers and killed them all while they were in an inspection tour in Quneitra. The decision was taken between the Israeli PM's special staff, and the opposition leader was informed about it, so there was an Israeli decision to target this group, and the operation was very much similar to the one in which former Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Abbas Al-Moussawi and his wife and son were assassinated."

"Israel did not claim responsibility for Sunday's attack immediately as it might have thought that Hezbollah would keep silent, and will not announce about it or accuse the Israeli thinking that we are now in a weak state among our supporters. However, the first surprise for the Israeli was that Hezbollah instantly announced about the operation and stated the names of the martyrs only a couple of hours after..."

Falsifying all the Israeli claims that this group was present in Quneitra to wage an attack on Israel or to prepare for an attack,  Sayyed Nasrallah asked: "Thousands of "Nusra Front" fighters are present with their weapons in Golan. What is Nusra Front? It is the Syrian version of Al-Qaeda, the organization labeled as terrorist by the entire world... and it has a wide military presence in the Golan. How come Netanyahu is not worried about that? How come Yaalon is not worried about that, and is instead protecting them, opening hospitals for them, and paying them visits? Well, Israel which was not worried about the presence of all those on its borders, took a dangerous decision because it was worried from the presence of two cars carrying seven men that only have their personal weapons."   

From this point, his eminence stressed that Hezbollah will not forget about Israel as many want it to, and it will never forget about the Palestinian people, neither will its children and its grandchildren forget about them.

His eminence emphasized the painful aspect in the loss of these martyrs. However, he assured that we only regard that as a "divine blessing, and this is what the Israeli must understand, and just like Sayyeda Zeinab said when asked what she thought about the martyrdom of her brother: I haven't seen but beauty!"

As for some analyses that thought that Iran or Syria would try to prevent Hezbollah from responding to the attack due to their international interests, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that "none of our friends accept that we get humiliated or get killed and just sit and watch... and Israel must know that it cannot kill people and go to sleep peacefully as if what it killed were just bugs!"

Hezbollah secretary general reassured that since the first moment after the operation, the resistance was studying the revenge, and it did not hesitate for a second because "Israel had to be punished and this was worth sacrificing".

"The first achievement of these martyrs was that Israel since Sunday until Wednesday stayed tense and alert as it awaited the response of Hezbollah," his eminence said, adding that "on Wednesday, was the divine blessing, and the operation took place during the peak of the Israeli readiness and mobilization , yet Israel did not have a clue about what was happening, even after it was over, and this is a message for the friends before the enemy."

"In conclusion, they killed us in the middle of the day (11:30 am), in return, we killed them in the middle of the day (11:25 am), two vehicles and some extras, in return for two vehicles, deaths and injuries in return for martyrs, missiles in return for missiles, there is only one difference between the Israeli and us, the first is that they are cowards and half men because they only fight from behind shields and attack from the back, while the men of the resistance fight face to face. Moreover, the Israeli did not dare to claim responsibility for his operation, while the resistance immediately claimed responsibility after its operation."

Sayyed Nasrallah expressed gratitude for the resistance fighters and leadership, specifically those who carried out the Shebaa operation, and assured that the Israeli had only achieved failure and regret until now, while the resistance achieved victory, seeing that the Israeli enemy is incapable of confronting the resistance on ground.

Finally, his eminence reassured that the armed Takfiri groups, specifically those in Golan, are allies to Israel and they are similar to Lahad Army that was in south Lebanon.

He added that the resistance did not want war, however, it did not fear it, and imposed a new equation in the conflict against the Zionist enemy: "After Quneitra operation, the resistance is no longer concerned with the so-called "rules of engagement" or with confronting aggression and assassination, it no longer recognizes disassociating fields, and it is our legitimate and legal right to confront any violation at any time and any place and in any way."

As for Israel's decision to avoid any war, "we are aware that the Israeli is trying to escape a military confrontation and will head to look for the men who humiliated him on Wednesday to assassinate them. Based on that, I say that in the past we used to differentiate in our response on an assassination or a military act, but today if any resistance member is killed, we will consider it our right to respond in the appropriate time and place," Sayyed Nasrallah announced.      

 M. Al-Ibrahim