Berri Urges Coordination between Syrian, Lebanese Armies to Confront Terrorism

BEIRUT-Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has urged the Lebanese government and army to coordinate efforts with the Syrian Arab Army to face the danger of terrorism spreading along the Lebanese borders. He has also stressed the importance of providing all kinds of support to the Lebanese army.

In a statement on Monday, Berri said “Israel is the absolute evil,” stressing that the ongoing events in the region is a conspiracy targeting all resisting armies and that the Lebanese army is being targeted because it is an ally to the resistance.

“It is unacceptable to leave the Lebanese Army alone, particularly as Syria has announced its readiness to cooperate and coordinate its efforts with the Lebanese state as to help the two armies fight together against terrorism,” Berri said.

He added “the Zionist enemy is a partner in the conspiracy on Syria and Lebanon. The Israeli aggression on al-Amal farms in Quneitra has proved that Israel is the party which disseminates killing, sedition and chaos in the Middle East.”   

Hamda Mustafa