Wahab Emphasizes Syrian-Lebanese Coordination to confront Terrorism

BEIRUT, (ST)_ Chairman of the Lebanese Tawhid Party Wiam Wahab  has stressed the importance of coordination between Syria and Lebanon to confront terrorists in Arsal  area and  to secure the release of kidnapped Lebanese soldiers.

In  an interview with the Lebanese  al-Binaa newspaper published yesterday, Wahhab  said that , "the Lebanese government commits a mortal and a historic mistake when evades the implementation of agreements with Syria , blaming Turkey and Qatar responsible for supporting the terrorists who kidnapped Lebanese soldiers .

Concerning  the dialogue between Hezbollah and the  Lebanese Future Movement,  Wahab pointed out that the dispute with the Future Movement was on the arms of the resistance and the Syrian file, explaining that  they want to defeat Syria  so as to defeat the resistance inside Lebanon. “ But they could not do so,” he challenged .

T. Fateh