Bishop Hanna: Aggression on Gaza Strip, Syria and Iraq , Conspiracy to liquidate the Palestinian Cause

JERUSALEM,(ST)_ Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek-Orthodox Church Atallah Hanna stressed that the barbaric Israeli aggression on Gaza is not different from the terrorism exposed on Syria and Iraq, which is the product of a conspiracy by some Arab regimes, the US, and the Zionist entity aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause.

In an interview to Al-Manar TV yesterday, Bishop Hanna said that "the silence of some Arab regimes over the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip is participation in the crime committed against Gaza and its people," noting that the plot against Palestine and the resistance began with the so-called "Arab Spring" which is in fact " Israeli-American spring", aims at liquidating the Palestinian cause and the destruction and dismantling of the Arab region as happening in Syria, Iraq and other areas.

He described the silence of some Arab rulers over the Israeli aggression on Gaza as "as a betrayal of Palestine, the Arab nation and Islam, Christianity, and an insult to the Arab dignity."

However, the Israeli occupation forces continue their aggression against Gaza Strip, where number of victims exceeded thousands of dead and wounded civilians, including the latest massacre in Rafah city, against one UNRWA’s school claiming the lives of 10 Palestinians, while other scores were wounded, amid continued international silence and Arab inaction.

T. Fateh