Landmine explosion causes wounds to two children in Quneitra countryside

Two children were wounded on Saturday after a landmine left behind by terrorists in Jaba village in Quneitra countryside exploded.

Wisam Mawardi, Director of Mamdouh Abaza Hospital in Quneitra told SANA reporter that the two children suffered from moderate wounds and their health condition now is stable as they received necessary medical treatment.

Before their defeat in the areas they had controlled, the terrorist organizations intended to plant landmines and explosive devices in the roads and agricultural lands of these areas. These explosive devices explode continuously, causing the martyrdom and the wounding of civilians.

Mercenaries of the Turkish and US occupation commit more kidnapping crimes in Syria's Hasaka

Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation on Saturday kidnapped 8 civilians from the village of Mreikiz in the city of Ras Al-Ayn, to the northwest of Hasaka, and took them to an unknown destination.

According to local sources, the mercenaries, who stormed the village and kidnapped the civilians, belong to the " Al-Hamza Division" terrorist group.

Last week, the Turkish occupation mercenaries seized a number of shops in Ras Al-Ayn after expelling their original owners under the threat of arms. The mercenaries looted the shops and turned them into arms and ammunition depots.

Al-Salhiyeh crossing in Deir Ezzor reopened to link between liberated areas and the province's northern countryside

SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor said that Al-Salhiyeh Crossing was reopened on Saturday for the locals' movement.

The crossing will link the areas liberated by the Syrian army from terrorism to other areas in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

The new procedure contributes to linking the two banks of the Euphrates.

Israeli occupation forces open fire at Gaza farmers

The Israeli occupation forces on Saturday targeted the Palestinian farmers in the city of Khan Younis in the besieged Gaza Strip.

WAFA News Agency reported that the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at Palestinian farmers working in their lands, to the east of Khan Younis, forcing them to leave the area.

The Israeli occupation does not allow Palestinians to reach their lands in the outskirts of Gaza and it attacks these lands almost on a daily basis to destroy the land and deprive the farmers from cultivating it, thereby affecting the living of the farmers in the light of the unfair siege imposed by the occupation on the strip.

Syria, Cuba discuss situation in Syria in the light of Corona Pandemic

HAVANA, (ST)- Syria's Ambassador to Cuba Idris Mayya and the Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Ana Teresita Gonzales discussed means of enhancing the Syrian-Cuban economic and trade relations and cooperation.

The two sides also discussed the international situation in the light of the Corona pandemic, mainly in Syria.

Mayya explained the situation in Syria and the difficulties facing the country because of the American unilateral coercive measures and because of Washington's collusion with their terrorist tools in Syria to steal Syria's oil and burn agricultural crops.

Two gunmen from the US-backed SDF militia killed and 5 others wounded in two separate attacks

Deir Ezzour (ST): Two gunmen from the US-backed SDF  militia were killed and 5 others were wounded in two separate attacks in Deir Ezzour countryside. 

Local sources said that a leader of the (SDF) militia and his guard were killed in a shoot-out at the car in which they were traveling near the Euphrates River in the city of Shehail in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzour. 

In a separate attack, five SDF militiamen were wounded as a result of their checkpoint being targeted with machine-gun  fire in the vicinity of the town of Abu Hamam, to the east of Deir Ezzour.

The US-backed SDF militia kidnaps a number of young men in the countryside of Raqqa and Hasaka

Raqqa-Hasaka (ST): The US-backed SDF militia continued its repressive policies against the people in the areas it occupied in the Syrian Jezira to forcibly recruit them into its ranks.

Local sources said that armed militiamen raided civilian homes in the town of Al-Karamah in the eastern countryside of Raqqa,  kidnapped a number of young men and took them to an unknown destination to be forcibly recruited to fight in their ranks.