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US occupation forces smuggle 34 trucks and tankers loaded with stolen oil and wheat from Syria to Iraq

HASAKAH, (ST)-The US occupation forces smuggled on Tuesday a convoy of trucks and tankers loaded with stolen oil and wheat from the Syrian Al-Jazeera region towards Iraq. 
According to local sources in Al-Swedeyeh town , the US occupation forces brought out this morning 34 trucks and tankers carrying stolen oil and wheat from Al-Jazeera region. 

Terrorists carried out 32 attacks from de-escalation zone in Syria's Idlib over past hours, says Russia

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday that terrorist organizations that are spread in the de-escalation zone in Idlib had carried out 32 attacks over the past hours.
 The Ministry said in a statement on its official Facebook account that 32 attacks were carried out from the lands where terrorist organizations spread, including 13 attacks in Idleb, 12 in Lattakia, 3 in Hama, and 4 in Aleppo.

ISIS terrorists kidnap a number of farmers while harvesting truffles in Hama countryside

HAMA, ( ST)_Terrorists affiliated to the ISIS terrorist organization attacked and kidnapped a number of farmers harvesting truffles in the village of Al-Sa'en in Al-Zweineh area, in the eastern countryside of Salamiyah in Hama.

Authorities find weapons left by terrorists upon their defeat in Syria’s southern region

Authorities on Tuesday found a quantity of weapons left behind by terrorists in Syria’s southern region.

SANA reporter said that during the authorities’ operations to secure the liberated areas from the remnants of terrorist groups in the southern region, a huge quantity of weapons, ammunition and rockets, including thermal and shoulder-fired missiles, in addition to bombs, mortar rounds, explosive materials, rifles and various light and medium weapons, were found there.

A source from the authorities told SANA that these operations are part of the Syrian army and security forces’ plan to dry up the sources of the internationally-backed terrorism targeting Syria and to restore security and stability to the entire Syrian territory.  

Last November, concerned authorities found huge quantities of different weapons and ammunitions, some of them were of western origin, during their operations to clear many areas in the southern region from the remnants of terrorist groups after the Syrian army had liberated them.

Landmine, left behind by ISIS terrorists, explodes, kills a civilian and injures another one north of Palmyra

A 32 years old civilian was martyred and another one was wounded in the explosion of a landmine left behind by ISIS terrorists at the Bowera site north of the city of Palmyra.

According to SANA reporter in Palmyra the explosion occurred while the two victims were harvesting truffles at the Bowera site, 40 km north of the historical city.

Dr. Walid Odeh, Director of General Authority for Palmyra National Hospital, told SANA that the hospital received a man with severe wounds and fractures and his left leg was amputated as a result of the explosion. The injured was admitted to Homs hospitals after he received necessary first aid service.

The American occupation smuggles looted Syrian wheat to Iraq

On April 5th, the American occupation forces continued the systematic looting of Syrian resources by taking  out a convoy of trucks loaded with  stolen Syrian wheat from the silo of Tal Ala in Al-Yarubiyah in the northeastern countryside of Hasakah.

Local sources said that the American occupation forces smuggled a convoy consisting of 14 trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat from the silos of Tal Ala to Iraq.

The sources added that the convoy headed to the illegal Al-Walid crossing with Iraq. The American occupation forces continue to steal and plunder the Syrians ’wealth of oil and grains on a daily basis, in collusion with the (SDF) militia. 

Last Wednesday, they took out 12 trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat from the silos of Tal Ala in the Yarubiyah region and transported them towards northern Iraq.


O. al-Mohammad

A militia member of (SDF) killed in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside

Deir Ezzor, (ST) - A gunman of the US occupation-backed SDF militia was shot dead in Al-Sha’afa area in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside.

Local sources told SANA reporter that attacks on positions of “SDF” militants in the areas of their deployment in the Syrian Al-Jazeera region have continued as a militant was shot dead in Al-Sha’afa area in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside.

The sources said that over the past weeks, the (SDF) militia has enhanced its fortifications and dug additional trenches around its positions in the province’s countryside to curb the attacks targeting it which have caused deaths and injuries among its ranks and material losses in its military equipment.

Over the past months, the militia has launched several raids in the neighborhoods of Al-Sha’afa town in an attempt to stop the attacks on the militia which have caused the death and injury of several militants.

Raghda Sawas