Syrian Arab Army units reach Abu al-Dohour military airport

Aleppo/Idleb – Syrian Arab Army units reached Abu al-Dohour military airport along with advancing allied forces after restoring control over a number of strategic villages and hills, as Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and groups affiliated to it flee the airport.

SANA said that army units advancing from Aleppo’s southern and southeastern countryside continued their operations during the last few hours, reaching Abu al-Dohour airport after regaining control over al-Jaakieh, Hamidieh Shdad, al-Hamidieh villages.

Syria Strongly Condemns Turkey's Aggression on Afrin

DAMASCUS– Syria strongly condemned the Turkish aggression on the city of Afrin, calling on the international community to take steps to stop it immediately.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Saturday that the Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns the flagrant Turkish aggression on the city of Afrin, which is an integral part of Syrian territory, stressing that this aggression is the most recent in a series of Turkish transgressions against Syrian sovereignty, SANA reported.

Army reaches outskirts of Abu al-Duhour Airport

Aleppo - Units of the Syrian Arab Army restored control over Qaytal village in the southern countryside of Aleppo province.

SANA said that army units, in cooperation with allied forces, on Friday continued their operations against terrorists’ hotbeds and fortified positions in the southern countryside of the province, restoring control over Qaytal village after killing a number of terrorists and eliminating the last gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra and its affiliated terrorist groups in it.

Lavrov: West Turns Blind Eye to Use of Chemical Weapons by Terrorists in Syria

NEW YORK- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov asserted that the West turns a blind eye to the terrorists’ use of chemical weapons in Syria and rejects to condemn them; rather, it prefers to accuse the Syrian Government to serve its targets, according to SANA.

Lavrov, during a UN Security Council session on Non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, added that terrorists having the technique of manufacturing chemical materials raise worries”, affirming that this danger goes beyond the Middle East with the existence of a large number of foreign terrorists who gained experience in manufacturing such type of weapons.

Information Minister Criticizes US Contradicting Policies in the region

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Information Minister Imad Sara has criticized the US contradicting policies in the region, saying "the United States claims that it is fighting Daesh terrorist organization in Syria while, in fact, it is supporting, funding and arming this terror group. It also talks about countries' sovereignty and peoples' right to decide their future, but, at the same time, it violates the sovereignty of many countries and disrespects peoples' right to self determination . "

The minster made the remarks during his meeting on Thursday with a delegation representing the Federation of Arab American Associations FEARAB –America.

US Presence Is A Flagrant Violation of International Law

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The US military Presence on the Syrian territories is illegitimate and is in flagrant violation of International law as an aggression against the national sovereignty of Syria, Syrian Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs underscored.

An official source said to SANA that none whosoever is  allowed to interfere in Syria's internal affairs and not even to express viewpoints.

The source, in reaction to US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson's statements about the conditions in Syria, added that Syria reminds Mr. Tillerson that any country's domestic affairs is but the exclusive right of the people of this very country; consequently, none has right even to express viewpoints regarding internal affairs of other countries.

The source added "because it is in stark contradiction with Constitutional Law and is a violation of International Law, which asserts the respect for the sovereignty of the states.

 "Syria reiterates that the US military presence on the Syrian territories is illegitimate as a flagrant aggression on the national sovereignty in flagrant violation of International Law," the source underscored.

The US presence in Syria and all what the US Administration has been doing in Syria is but as to protect the terrorist Daesh (ISIS), founded by Obama Administration, as it has even been declared by President Trump and by former US Secretary Hillary Clinton, the sources reiterated.

Sabbagh: Iran Stood by Syria in the Harshest Times

TEHRAN-Syria’s top parliamentarian says Iran has helped Damascus foil major plots against the Arab country.  

 “Major plots hatched against Syria were all foiled through Iran-Syria cooperation,” Speaker of People's Council of Syria Hammouda Youssef Sabbagh said in a Wednesday meeting in Tehran with Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Press TV reported.

Sabbagh lauded Iran’s support for his country, saying that the Islamic Republic had stood by Syria in the harshest times.