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A child martyred as a result of clashes between the Turkish occupation and the (SDF) militia in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo (ST):  A child was killed as a result of clashes that erupted between the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist organizations on one side and the US-backed  (SDF) militia  on the other side, in the vicinity of the city of Mare'a in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Local sources reported  violent clashes with heavy and automatic weapons broke out between the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries on the one hand and the (SDF) militia on the other hand, causing the death of a child as a result of indiscriminate gunfire in the vicinity of the city of Mare'a in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The first flight from Damascus to Russia takes off, after a months-long break due to Corona

On April 11th, the first flight of Syrian Airlines took off from Damascus International Airport to the Russian Vnukvu airport, marking the regular restart of air transport between the two countries. 

“This morning I left from Damascus International Airport towards the Russian Vnukvu Airport. The first flight marks the resumption of air transport between the two countries after a stoppage of months due to the Corona pandemic,” the Director of Ground Operations at the Syrian Airlines Company, Wael Al-Hadri said.

Al-Hadhiri said that there will be a weekly flight from Damascus Airport to Russia, taking into account the measures to address the Corona epidemic and the approved “PCR” checks.

Participants in Digital Transformation Conference recommend lifting blockade imposed on Syria to be able to achieve digital transformation

Participants in the work of the 3rd  International Conference on Digital Transformation recommended all institutions and joint Arab action bodies to work to break the blockade imposed on Syria to enable it to achieve digital transformation. They called on the regional office of the Arab Federation for E-Commerce in Syria to carry out its activities. They called on government agencies to secure the necessary facilities and overcome the difficulties in order to implement regional office projects that serve Syria in the field of digital transformation.

At the conclusion of the conference, the participants called for strengthening cooperation and exchange of expertise between Syria and the countries and organizations with advanced experiences in the field of digital transformation and broadening the horizon of the digital transformation strategy in government services by networking with ministries and other relevant bodies.

Participants underlined the importance of adopting an encouraging policy aimed at stimulating capital to invest in  start-up companies and technology incubators related to digital transformation and providing the necessary legislation to establish and invest in it.

The participants called for enabling digital integration between the various national sectors in order to achieve access to the implementation of a comprehensive national digital transformation strategy for all sectors. They also called for studying the issue of establishing digital work units within the framework of administrative reform of public sector bodies. They called on the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research to adopt a digital policy in education on the basis of all levels.

With regard to legislations and laws, the participants recommended the need to develop legislation related to digital technology companies in the private sector in order to enhance the knowledge economy, and to renew public sector legislation and reconsider it in order to move towards a digital society.

The participants called for the launch of the electronic portal for communications technology indicators and  the licensing of electronic training institutions specialized in the field of technical and vocational training and pre-university education.

With regard to initiatives, studies and projects, the participants recommended the necessity of securing funding sources to implement action plans, initiatives and projects of the comprehensive national digital transformation strategy. 

DT's role in sustainable development, investment of AR, digital mall are discussed in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The  3rd Conference on Digital Transformation that kicked off on Friday  with the participation of Arab and foreign experts and academics continues its sessions for the third day running.

Strategic planning for the adoption of e-commerce and their impacts on economy was one of the topics that was discussed today.

Director of Strategies and policies in the Syrian Ministry of Telecommunication Mohammad Ali Mohammad said that the indicators of the telecommunication sector are being used for making decisions in all sectors and putting strategies.

The second day of the International Digital Transformation Conference in Damascus entitled transition towards digital economy

The second day of the International Digital Transformation Conference in Damascus entitled transition towards digital economy between reality and challenges





Landmine left by terrorists explodes and kills head of the technical department at the Euphrates Basin and his car driver in Deir Ezzor

Head of the technical department at the Euphrates Basin branch of the Land Reclamation Establishment, Eng. Mohammad Ahmad al-Badi, and his car driver were martyred in a landmine blast. The mine left behind by terrorists in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside.

According to Director of the Euphrates Basin branch Lurans Khalouf Hussein, Eng. Al-Badi was martyred immediately in the landmine blast while he was in a field tour in the village of Al-Mrei'yeh in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside. The driver suffered from a serious injury that led later to his death.

Before their defeat, the terrorist organizations intentionally planted landmines and explosive devices in several places including houses and agricultural lands in order to terrorize the locals and prevent them from carrying out their daily activities and to kill as many people as possible.

US-backed SDF militia guns down three brothers in Raqqa countryside

The US-backed separatist militia, called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), on Friday killed three brothers from the village of Debsi  Afnan in Raqqa's liberated western countryside on the bank of Al-Assad Lake near the city of Al-Tabqqa, according to local sources.

The sources told SANA that a person lured the three men by asking them to help him in sailing his boat to the opposite bank of the village where a group of SDF  militants ambushed them and shot them in the head.

Within the framework of its attacks on civilians, the SDF militia detained a person who works for an institution affiliated to this militia because he refused to take part in a pro-SDF militia march.