Turkish regime's mercenaries continue to deprive 1.000.000 residents in Syria's Hasaka from water

HASAKA, (ST)_The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries continue to deprive about a million citizens from Hasaka city and its western countryside from water, according to Director General of Water Institute Eng. Mahmoud Akla.
Eng Akla said that there is no justification for cutting water by the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries. "There is no problem in the Alouk water station and new wells were invested in  to ensure water.. The Turkish regime's act comes within the framework of violations, which it continuously carries out against residents of Hasaka province.

SDF militia kidnaps 9 civilians in Der Ezzour countryside and takes them to unknown place

DER EZZOUR, HASAKA, (ST)_The US-backed "Syrian Democratic Forces" militia carried out on Wednesday storming operations and kidnapped several civilians in the areas, which are under the control of the militia.

According to local sources, the SDF militia [Its Arabic acronym is QASAD] stormed Tabiah town in the eastern countryside of Der Ezzour, where displaced people are living, and kidnapped 9 civilians and took them to an unknown place.

Syria demands immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US occupation troops from Syrian territories

DAMASCUS, (ST- Syria strongly condemns the US occupation forces’ daily aggressive practices in Al-Jazira region in the northeast of Syria, stressing that such acts of aggression are a flagrant violation of Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and of international law, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Wednesday in a letter to the UN Chief and President of the Security Council.

The ministry’s letter affirmed that Syria demands immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the US occupation troops from the Syrian territories.

Al-Jaafari before the Group of 77 and China: Syria is counting on the group's valuable support to put an end to the theft of its natural resources and the foreign occupation

New York,(ST)-Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, affirmed that Syria is counting on the valuable support of the Group of 77 and China in order to put an end to the theft of its natural resources and the foreign occupation of its lands.

Jaafari said in a speech during the first meeting chaired by the Republic of Guinea of the Group of 77 and China for the year 2021 at the ambassadors level. "The challenges, our world is facing today, are huge as in a very short time the coronavirus pandemic was able to paralyze efforts exerted to achieve the sustainable development for 2030 agenda as the epidemic uncovered the fragility of our world and showed how much we are interconnected".

Al-Jaafari pointed out that combined efforts is always the best way to overcome global challenges, explaining that unfortunately some governments still choose the unilateral path, including imposing unilateral coercive measures that are illegal, while we need solidarity, cooperation and collective action in order to implement the 2030 Agenda and the goals of sustainable development away from unilateralism and politicization. He indicated that since the establishment of the group, solidarity among its members has always been the key to its success as it allowed countries to defend their interests, and we must preserve this by all means.

A tanker exploded in Homs

HOMS, (ST)_A tanker exploded on Tuesday in the Syrian Company for the Transport of Crude Oil next to the Syrian Gas Company in Homs, causing a huge fire.
 Firefighting teams are putting out the fire.
Basma Qaddour

Landmine blast kills 2 children in Homs countryside

At least two children were martyred on Tuesday in a landmine blast , left behind by ISIS terrorists in Al-Qaryaten area in the southeastern  countryside of Homs.
Head of Al-Qaryaten city council made it clear that  the landmine went off while the two children were herding sheep in the vicinity of Mahsa village in al-Qaryaten area, about 85 km southeast of Homs.
Basma Qaddour

Bodies of 7 people, most of them women, found in Hasaka countryside

HASAKA, (ST), The bodies of 7 people, most of them women, were found in Al-Hol area in the southeastern countryside of Hasaka, according to local sources. 
The sources said that the   bodies were for people of the same family and they were killed in the vicinty of Al-Hol area, which is under the control of US-backed "Syrian Democratic Forces" militia - most of its members are of Iraqi nationality and work in herding sheep. 
Basma Qaddour