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Scores of Turkish-backed mercenaries injured in an explosive device blast in Hasakah countryside

A number of Turkish-backed mercenaries were injured when an explosive device went off inside a car in Al-Naseriyya area, to the west of Ras Al-Ayn city in Hasakah northwestern countryside where Turkish-backed terrorist groups and mercenaries are positioned.

According to local sources, the explosion occurred before the car arrived at the position of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in Al-Naseriyya area, causing injuries to a number of mercenaries and material damage to the site of the explosion.

The sources added that a group of mercenaries cordoned off the site of the explosion before two Turkish ambulances arrived there to transfer the inured mercenaries.

The areas where Turkish-backed terrorists are deployed have been witnessing explosions as well as infighting between the terrorist groups over areas of influence and looted items. These incidents have caused the martyrdom of dozens of civilians and the displacement of many others from their villages and agricultural lands which the terrorists had vandalized and stolen the crops.

The Turkish occupation sets up barriers, digs trenches between villages in Raqqa countryside to perpetuate its illegal presence in this area

The Turkish occupation has set up barriers inside the Syrian territories with a depth of 32km and reinforced a number of its illegal bases by supplying them with heavy weapons and sophisticated radars. The occupation has also dug 15km long trenches adjacent to the Hasakah-Aleppo highway in the vicinity of Ain Issa district in Syria’s Raqqa, local sources told SANA on Monday.

These moves are part of the crimes being committed by the Turkish occupation in Raqqa northern countryside in addition to their attempts of  imposing a Turkification policy and isolating the villages it has occupied from their neighboring areas with the aim of perpetuating the occupation and making a demographic change in these areas.

Syria and Russia: Western countries allocate funds to prevent the return of the Syrian refugees

On April 12th, the joint Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies for  the return of the Syrian refugees confirmed that Western countries allocate funds to prevent the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

The two bodies added that the so-called (Brussels Conference) aims to destabilize the situation in Syria and the region.

The two bodies issued a statement saying that the decisions of the Brussels conference, which was held by Western countries without consulting the Syrian government, lead to destabilizing the situation in Syria and the region instead of rebuilding the facilities and infrastructure.

Al-Miqdad meets with the Commander of UNDOF

On April 12th , Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Faisal Al-Miqdad met with the commander of the United Nations forces operating in the Golan ( UNDOF ) , General Ashwar Hamal, and the accompanying delegation.

Minister Al-Miqdad stressed the importance of uncovering the Israeli violations of the Separation of Forces Agreement, represented by its repeated attacks on Syrian sovereignty.

American occupation brings out 41 vehicles and tanks filled with stolen Syrian oil from its bases in the Syrian Al-Jazeera into Iraq

Al-Hasakah , (ST) - The American occupation forces bring out a new a convoy of vehicles and tanks filled with stolen Syrian oil and a number of trucks from their bases spread on the Syrian Al-Jazeera into Iraqi lands.

Local sources from the village of Al-Suwaidiah told SANA that, the US occupation forces brought out a convoy of 41 tanks carrying stolen oil from the countryside of Al-Hasakah and a number of covered trucks through the illegal Al-Waleed crossing to Iraqi territories.

Yesterday, the American occupation forces brought out  a convoy of 18 tanks, cool product carriers, four trucks to Iraq, and three Hummer military vehicles accompanied by escort vehicles carrying armed men belonging to the "SDF” militia" through the illegal Al-Walid crossing.

Raghda Sawas

Turkish occupation forces’ mercenaries kidnap seven civilians in Afrin countryside

Aleppo, (ST) - The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation from the terrorist organizations have continued their crimes against the people in the areas of their deployment in the northern countryside of Aleppo, as they kidnapped a number of civilians from the Afrin area and took them to an unknown destination.

Civil sources said to SANA that, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation forces from the so-called “Sham Legion” and “Military Police” carried out a campaign of raids on the homes of citizens in several villages in the vicinity of the occupied city of Afrin in the northern countryside of Aleppo and kidnapped seven civilians in the Basuta area and the town of Baadina in the sub-district of Mabtali and took them to an unknown destination.

The sources pointed out that the terrorist organizations, under orders from the Turkish regime, are practicing the most heinous crimes and are working to restrict the people in order to drive them out of their villages and resettle their families in their place, in a step aimed at a demographic change in the region.

The digital transformation conference concludes with a set of recommendations

At the conclusion of the conference, the participants called for strengthening cooperation and exchange of experiences between Syria and the countries and organizations with advanced experiences in the field of digital transformation and broadening the horizon of the digital transformation strategy in government services by networking with ministries and other relevant bodies.

 The participants called for enabling digital integration between the various national sectors in order to achieve access to the implementation of a comprehensive national digital transformation strategy for all sectors in addition to studying the issue of establishing digital work units. They called on the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research to adopt a digital policy in education at all levels.