Two months after its launching, the Deir el-Zor settlement is witnessing a growing turnout

The settlement process for the people of Deir el-Zor governorate has completed sixty days since it was  launched on November 14th, as the town of Al-Shamitieh in the western countryside is witnessing an increasing turnout from those who wish to settle their status and return to their areas to continue their normal lives.

Dozens of people are going to the town of Al-Shamitiah and settling their status  with ease.

A number of those whose statuses were settled indicated that the settlement was a "great opportunity" that enabled them to return to their normal lives.


Uqba Al-Humaidi, Ziyad Al-Ajaj and Bassam Al-Razzouk said that they made the settlement to return to their homes and their families, stressing that the settlement procedures are easy and take place without any obstacles, and they thanked the settlement committees for their good treatment.

The settlement process in the center of the town of Al-Shamitieh will continue its work  in the coming days.

O. al-Mohammad