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US-backed SDF militia impedes the settlement process in Raqqa: Governor

Governor of the Syrian province of Raqqa Abdul Razzaq Khalifa has stressed that the government has provided all administrative and security facilitations to the wanted citizens who seek settling their legal status in Al-Sabkha town in the liberated countryside of Raqqa, but the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia impedes this process by placing obstacles in front of the citizens who want to join the settlement process.

The settlement process launched in Raqqa targets gunmen, wanted persons and military service deserters.

 In a statement to SANA on Saturday, the governor said that the first day of the settlement process, which kicked off in Raqqa on January 12th,  witnessed intensive turnout by misled citizens, whereas the second day witnessed a notable decrease in the number of citizens visiting the settlement center due to the restrictions and obstacles imposed by the SDF militia on the citizens to prevent them to reach the settlement center.

A number of people who had settled their legal status hailed the process as it helped them return to normal life.

Hamda Mustafa