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(SDF) militia kidnaps a minor girl from Al-Yarubiyah in Hasakeh Countryside

Hasakeh (ST): The SDF militia, affiliated with the US occupation forces, kidnapped a 15-year-old girl from the village of Fattouma in the town of Al-Yarubiyah in the Hasakeh countryside and took her to an unknown destination.


The girl's father, Ahmed Melhem, said in a statement to news reporters that his daughter was kidnapped by an armed group affiliated with the "SDF militia" after forcing her to march in support of them.

The father of the underaged girl explained that the kidnapping of his daughter took place in broad daylight, pointing out that four gunmen belonging to the “SDF militia” in a white van attacked the girl, pulled her by force, shoved her into the car and took her to an unknown destination.

Local sources told news reporter that the “SDF” militia is luring girls and boys under the pretext of conducting training courses for them in different areas under its control, then abducting them and forcibly recruiting them into its ranks.