10 workers martyred and another injured in a terrorist attack

Deir Ezzour (ST): Ten workers from the Kharata oil field were martyred and another wounded in an attack by ISIS terrorists on two buses while they were returning from work in the western countryside of Deir Ezzour.


News reporter in Deir Ezzour  stated that  a terrorist group from the organization (ISIS) carried out an ambush southwest of Deir Ezzour on two small buses carrying workers from the al-Kharata oil field, while they were returning from their work, which led to the death of 10 of them and the injury of one.

Deir Ezzour Governor Fadel Najjar said in a statement to the reporter that during the return of workers from the Kharata oil field, an armed terrorist group attacked them, killing 10 of them and wounding another who was transferred to the hospital. 

The governor pointed out that this attack is an attempt to negatively affect the flow of work and production in the establishments, factories, and the agricultural sector in the governorate, in addition to being a desperate attempt to stop the process of settlements taking place these days.