Turkish Occupation Mercenary Continuous with Systematic Looting of Public Property in Hasaka Countryside

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation forces and terrorist organizations continued their looting of public property of the local community in the occupied villages of Ras al-Ain in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka Province.

Civil sources stated on Tuesday, November the 30th 2021 that terrorists from the so-called “North Storm” terrorist organization dismantled and stole electric poles and towers in the village of Umm Ashba in the countryside of Ras al-Ain. In cooperation with Turkish brokers and merchants, the terrorists transferred the looted public property to the headquarters and warehouses established for this purpose in preparation for smuggling them outside Syrian territory.

Under cover and support by Turkish Erdogan regime, the terrorists systematically continue their looting of public property and facilities in the areas they occupy in line with Erdogan's plans to plunder the wealth and infrastructure  of the Syrian state.

The sources further stated that Turkish occupation mercenaries from the so-called "Suqur Al-Shamal", "Faylaq Al-Rahman", "Al-Hamza" and "Al-Sharqiya" dismantled electricity poles and cables from the villages of Merikis, Bab Al-Khair, Mubarakiya and Umm Al-Asafeer in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka in a bid to transfer the loots to their headquarters.

Nihad Roumieh