SDF militants killed in two attacks in Hasakeh countryside

Hasakeh (ST): A number of SDF militiamen linked to the American occupation were killed and wounded in two attacks carried out by the popular factions that targeted the militia’s headquarters and a military vehicle in the Al-Malikiyah area, the far northeastern countryside of Hasakeh.


Local sources told  news reporters that an attack carried out by the popular factions targeted the so-called Rahba headquarters of the SDF militia near Khan al-Jabal camp in the Malikiyah countryside, which led to a number of deaths and injuries among the militia’s gunmen, destroying a vehicle for them and causing significant material damage to the headquarters.

The sources added that the popular factions targeted, in an attack, the last military vehicle of the "SDF" militia in the Tal Adas area on the road between the village of Tal Adas and Al-Tabqa in the countryside of Rmeilan city, east of Hasakeh, which led to injuries among the militia and damage to the targeted vehicle.

A number of SDF militiamen were killed and wounded the day before yesterday, in an attack carried out by the popular factions, which targeted their headquarters, 5 km from the city of Al-Malikiyah, towards the village of Ma`badah. The attack also resulted in the destruction of ammunition and the damage of vehicles.