Three new water wells put into service in Allouk station in Hasakah

The Hasakah Water Establishment has put three new water wells into service within the Allouk water project in the province after completing maintenance works to operate them, raising the number of operating wells to 17, in addition to 4 horizontal pumps.

The Director of the establishment Mahmoud Al-Okla told SANA that the establishment is keen on increasing the number of operating wells in Allouk project gradually with the aim of producing more quantities of water and maintaining stable water pumping to subscribers in Hasakah city and its vicinity

In a relevant context, Al-Okla said the establishment’s technical teams have completed on Wednesday the maintenance works for the broken water supply line in Al-Nasira neighborhood and water will be pumped to the western neighborhoods in Hasakah city as soon as the water tanks are filled.

The water establishment re-operated Allouk station two days ago after three months of hiatus due to the Turkish occupation’s continuous attempts to impede operation efforts.

 Hamda Mustafa