The Syrian army’s deployment to the northwestern countryside of Daraa continues

DARAA, (ST)_The process of settling the legal status of gunmen who hand over their firearms continues in Al-Yadodeh town in north-west Daraa city in parallel hand in hand with  the deployment of Syrian army’s soldiers into farms surrounding the towns of Al-Yadodah, Tafas and Al-Mzereb in the northwestern countryside of the province. 
These measures come in an implementation of the settlement agreement that has been proposed by the Syrian state.  
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), engineering units of the Syrian army continue combing agricultural lands in the vicinity of the above mentioned towns where a quantity of ammunition and guns were found. 
Yesterday,  dozens of gunmen handed over their weapons to the Syrian army in implementation of the settlement agreement, which aims at ending the terrorists’ control over the neighborhood and restoring security and stability in Daraa province.
On Thursday, thousands of citizens started to return to their houses in the neighborhood after the Syrian Army had set up points in this area in implementation of the settlement agreement proposed by the Syrian State to attain security and stability in the neighborhood of Daraa Al-Balad.
On Wednesday, army units entered Daraa Al-Balad area and hoisted the national flag over the settlement center building in Al-Arbaeen neighborhood.
Basma Qaddour