Turkish occupation mercenaries prevent farmers from reaching their agricultural lands in Syria’s Afrin

The Turkish occupation mercenaries have seized the house of a farmer in the village of Kafar Janneh in Afrin, northern countryside of Aleppo, and prevented the farmers from going to their agricultural lands.

Gunmen affiliated to a pro-Turkish occupation armed group called “Al-Sultan Murad” forcibly seized the house of the farmer in Kafar Janneh village and turned it into a military headquarter after breaking its doors and ransacking its contents. The gunmen also attacked the residents in the village, according to local sources.

In a relevant context, the sources said that the terrorists of the so-called “Failaq Al-Sham” armed group prevented the locals in the village of Brad in Afrin from going to their agricultural fields to harvest their crops. The terrorists imposed very difficult conditions on the farmers to force them pay money for the terrorist group. The aim is to put more pressure on the locals and compel them to leave their lands, according to the sources.

 Through these practices the Turkish-backed terrorist groups are trying to impose a fait accompli thus creating a demographic change in the area under their control within the framework of the Turkish regime’s scheme to turkify it, the sources pointed out.

Hamda Mustafa