US occupation smuggles new batch of stolen Syrian oil into Iraqi territories

The US occupation forces on Tuesday brought out a convoy of tankers, carrying stolen Syrian oil, as well as some vehicles and military equipment from Syria to the Iraqi territories through Al-Walid illegal crossing.

Local sources in the countryside of Al-Yaroubiyeh village in Hasaka northern countryside told SANA that a convoy of 70 US occupation-affiliated vehicles, including many tankers carrying Syrian oil stolen from the Syrian Al-Jazira region, left the Syrian territories towards the American occupation bases in the north of Iraq via Al-Walid crossing. The other vehicles were carrying several cannons and military cars including Hummer cars, the sources said.

In the same context, local sources in the countryside of Tal Hamis in Hasakah said that the occupation’s military helicopters transferred several US soldiers to the Iraqi territories.

Yesterday, the US occupation troops brought in more reinforcements to their illegal base at Kharab Al-Jeir airport in Al-Malikiyyah town in Hasakah countryside.

 Hamda Mustafa