On the anniversary of the TV foundation: Minister Sara: Syrian TV has remained a screen for the homeland and the voice of all Syrians

Damascus (ST): “61 years has passed  since the founding of the Syrian Arab TV where it remained a screen for the homeland and the voice of all Syrians, and it will always be lofty,”  the Minister of Information in the caretaker government, Imad Sara, said during a phone call today with “Syria Channel” on this occasion. 

The Minister  added: As long as we have the will and desire despite the few possibilities due to the terrorist war against Syria, its people and its institutions, Syrian television will remain a screen for the homeland and will always remain proud, preserving our national principles.

He explained that the war on Syria is not over yet, but rather took other forms, including the economic war, the siege and the media war, which was used to demonize everything in Syria. This is what President Bashar al-Assad referred to in his speech after taking the constitutional oath, meaning that the goal is to create a generation that is immune to culture, and education, in addition to fortifying this society so that it believes in the state and does not compromise on the right and principles. This is our mission as a Ministry of Information in addition to state institutions.

Minister Sara said that the media faced many difficulties, perhaps the most important thing it faced was the war of rumors, lies and misinformation that targeted the Syrian state. The national media, despite its modest capabilities due to the war and the siege, was able to confront empires that overturned concepts and made terrorism a right and resistance terrorism, so we must be careful in the next war, which is the war of terms and the fourth generation war.

Minister Sara also congratulated all employees of the General Corporation and thanked them for their efforts  and all that they faced from organized terrorism that aimed to destroy Syria and turn it into a failed state, but their steadfastness in support of Syria, the army and the leadership thwarted all their plans.